Live & Smokin'!

by Monsieur Guillaume & His Zydeco Hepcats

Released 2015
Released 2015
A smokin' hot set of tasty Zydeco recorded live at the 10th annual Smokin' Jazz and BBQ Blues Festival in Brighton, Michigan 9/11/2015.
This live recording captures our full set at the 10th annual Smokin’ Jazz and Barbeque Blues Festival in Brighton, Michigan on Friday night September 11, 2015.

Zydeco Boogaloo – We open with our own signature version of the classic instrumental by Buckwheat Zydeco.

Midnight Plane to Memphis – Ziggy kicks this original tune off on the drums and Monsieur Guillaume handles the lead vocals. It’s a dark, minor blues tune with a driving Southern blues rock feel that had a few folks up out of their chairs and on their feet right away.

Big Boss Man - This classic blues tune has been covered by just about everyone including Elvis, but bass guitar man Frankie Lee takes the lead vocal and makes it his own.

You Got the Voodoo – Another Zydeco Hepcat original, this one is based on the African clave that blues musicians call the “Bo Diddly” beat. Percussionist Perez “Butch” Morris switches from frottoir (rub board) to the Djembe and he really makes the African drum talk with a solo that’s chock full of voodoo.

Crawfish Crawl – This original tune featuring Monsieur Guillaume on lead vocals had the crowd “crawling” like crazy. At the end, everybody kept on dancing, so sax man Joe LaBeau just kept playing.

Burning Flames Special – Our cover of an instrumental by one of our favorite Zydeco bands – Jude Taylor and The Burning Flames. This driving minor blues with a 6/8 feel starts slow and builds steam right through to the end.

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl – Guitar slinger Sherman Oaks (aka Erich Goebel), takes a turn on lead vocals. This is his funky version of the classic blues tune that also features some flying fingers and frenetic fretboard work on his fine Fender guitar.

Turning Point – We wind up the set with our own extended version of the classic R&B tune that’s become a Zydeco standard. Monsieur Guillaume takes the lead vocal with everyone joining in the fun and taking a ride along the way.

Special Thanks to…
Whitney and Cal Stone of 2 Stones Events for making it all happen.
Patrick Schrock for a great live recording and mix.
The good folks of Brighton and everyone else who came out to join us.
All the festival sponsors.